avis en crisis.

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i was so preoccupied with current events i forgot how much it effected people in my community.

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A monument to lab mice
Built in park near the Institute of Cytology and Genetics in Novosibirsk, Russia.

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BREAKING: The Michael Brown autopsy results have come in.


  • BREAKING: Autopsy shows Michael brown was shot at least six times -
  • Michael Brown autopsy: 1 bullet entered top of skull, “suggesting his head was bent forward when it” killed him

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"She was crying into my hair. She squeezed her legs tighter. It was not a greeting as much as it was a claim: she was staking out this spot on my chest as her own and I was to hold her for as long as she wanted to stay."

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Hours before the curfew, and pigs are already firing on the crowd. It’s gonna be a long night y’all #disgusting #stawoke  

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this is absolutely horrifying

Link to video

Oh my God

And this is just another reason why I’m refusing to trust any information the police puts out there. We already have evidence of them leaving his body out there for four hours after the fact and the officer (who supposedly was so threatened for his life) called in for “crowd control” but not to report that there was a body laying in the street.
This is some of the most disgusting shit I’ve ever seen in my life.

The video is shocking.



The truth

this man was speaking so much truth, i really wish someone would interview him

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Remember this when you read reports of people ‘looting’ McDonalds tomorrow



This here is nothing short of amazing

Now this is solidarity. 

What’s beautiful about this, too, is the image that a monk presents. Plenty of people are able to vilify black people enough to not care if they see violence against them and due to their ignorance and racism they see a crowd of them as something violent or criminal. But image of monks getting hurt and dying are often something most people recoil against when they see them in news about like the situation in Tibet. 
By standing with them, they bring that image of peace with them to show that the people they are standing with are just as peaceful as them, and if there were to be any further violence against them, it’d be terrible press for the cops: images of police shooting tear gas and rubber bullets at monks.
This was a good thing they did, especially when there’s so much slant in the press to make black people look like thugs.